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Keyseries - Automotive

Keyseries - Automotive


General brochure including abrasive systems for the automotive industry from coarse sanding to polishing.


Informative brochure on our colour-coded and solvent-free siasponge soft pads line.

1948 siaflex

This flyer shows the versatility of siaflex in both dry and wet sanding applications.

1950 siaspeed

General flyer on the successful siaspeed series from coarse to optimised finest grit sizes.

Perfect shine

Recommendations in poster format for applications ranging from paint sanding to sealing.

Perfect dry sanding

Recommendations in poster format for applications ranging from preparatory work to the sanding of EDP-coated new parts.

Headlight repair

Application recommendations in poster format for the treatment of headlights made of acrylic glass (Plexiglass) or polycarbonate.


Brochure on FiboTec multi-hole including our product line for the Coatings and Composites application area.


This flyer covers our polishing system and features an efficient product line designed for high process stability.

siachrome application recommendation

Application recommendation in poster format for the siachrome polishing system.

6711 siafleece flex

Compact flyer on the flexible nonwoven pads specially designed for sanding in hard-to-reach areas.

Flexible hand sanding block

This flyer shows our system components for shaping convex and concave surfaces.

1913 siawat

This flyer is all about the established wet sanding series by sia Abrasives.

5550 siaprime

Our premium product for industrial applications is presented in this flyer in an informative and straightforward way.

7241 siacarbon

The flyer on our siacarbon diamond series for a sensational sanding finish on hard surfaces.

Coatings and Composites

Perfect abrasive solutions for coatings and composites

1940 siacar

This flyer presents the proven and efficient siacar abrasive product including its versatile applications.

6120 siavlies speed™

This flyer presents the nonwoven series for the Coatings and Composites area in a concise and straightforward way.

7940 siaair

Flyer containing useful application recommendations for our abrasives with special foam cushioning including upstream and downstream process steps.

7240 siacarat

This flyer highlights the advantages of our premium product featuring diamond grit minerals for extremely hard and scratch-resistant surfaces.