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sia Abrasives specialises in process-optimised surface solutions for processing and treatment as well as maintenance and repair of fibre-reinforced plastics and coated surfaces made of glass fibre, carbon, aramide fibre, etc.

The demands made of materials are increasing. Composite fibre materials and composite materials are the answers. They are used in many different areas where components with exceptional properties or a combination of properties are required. Finishing with high-performance abrasives by sia Abrasives significantly influences these properties.

The demands on components made of composite materials are as high as the demands on abrasives. Our surface systems are therefore of modular design and are tailored to each specific application: edges are cut or deburred and surfaces are sanded and polished. Our abrasive solutions deliver excellent results with regard to line of force, functionality, refinement and appearance.

The most important types of fibre for sanding professionals

Glass fibres are the most frequently used reinforcement material. They are economical, resistant to ageing, weathering and chemicals, and non-flammable. With optimum sanding, further finishing is enabled and the original unique functions are preserved: high tensile and compression strength, good rigidity, impact toughness and temperature resistance.

Carbon fibres are used above all for rigid constructions. They not only help to reduce the weight fivefold compared with conventional materials such as steel, but also minimise deflection. Processing in the sanding process demands the highest precision and care to prevent predetermined breaking points.

Aramide fibres are non-flammable and chemically stable, and they achieve a further weight saving on glass fibres of 25 to 40 percent, increasing stability and rigidity by half, and satisfying the most stringent safety requirements. Optimum sanding solutions enable a combination of functions not previously achieved.

Composites in various industries

Transport industry:
The transport industry counts on new opportunities to reduce energy consumption and optimises costs thanks to lower wind resistance with the targeted sanding finish.

Wind power industry:
The wind power industry is built on future-oriented technologies: composite fibre materials with the optimum sanding finish increase energy yield and efficiency.

Vehicle industry:
The vehicle industry is built on stylish design, high safety standards and clever functions. Processing with the right sanding finish sets new standards.

Boat building:
Modern boat building is characterised by increased safety, improved efficiency, elegant shapes and perfect surfaces for reduced water displacement.