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Automotive – abrasive solutions for processing automotive body parts

The requirements for materials used in the automotive industry are subject to ongoing technological change and know no bounds. Not only do manufacturers of OEM components have to fulfil the highest expectations - the entire industry is constantly facing new challenges.

We offer body specialists and body painters a complete system of co-ordinated abrasives and matching accessories. Whatever your application, we can help you achieve a brilliant surface finish. Our product and application recommendations cover every stage in the process chain from coarse sanding to repair sanding and paint sanding to polishing.

For coarse sanding
sia Abrasives can offer you technical support for process-oriented cutting, sanding-off and flatting, sanding hard-to-reach areas or smooth sanding of stone guard and removal of old varnish. We can provide solutions for the following work steps: Cutting of automotive body parts, sanding off coarse and fine welding seams and burrs, sanding small and hard-to-reach areas, sanding off old varnish and rust, stone guard, beading and edges, as well as removal of plastic film and adhesive residues.

For repair sanding
Professional repair sanding involves rebuilding the various layer thicknesses using suitable filling and sanding methods. We offer systems both for machine sanding and for manual sanding, for paint removal as well as for sanding out scratches, for shaping and flatting; and for fine sanding of edges, curves and surfaces. We offer solutions for fine sanding of primer filler, i.e. flatting in manual and machine sanding applications, fine sanding of edges and curves, flatting and fine sanding of surfaces, dust removal and refining. In addition we offer systems for sanding EDP-coated new parts and ultrahard factory primers.

For lacquer sanding
Professional treatment of clear lacquers calls for our perfectly co-ordinated sanding and polishing systems. Applications include sanding of conventional and reflow lacquers as well as sanding of scratch-resistant, hard clear lacquers and moist sanding. Flatting, moist sanding, scuffing and matching of dust inclusions. Flatting of surfaces in manual sanding applications, wet sanding, matching, fine sanding and moist sanding. Flatting of surfaces, dry sanding, scuffing, fine sanding, and moist sanding of orange-peel effect.

For polishing
Professional polishing consists of treating a surface to produce a perfect weather and UV resistant high gloss finish. We can supply you with polishes, pads and cleaning cloths, all technically co-ordinated and colour-coded to improve both process stability and efficiency. sia Abrasives is also a specialist for the following applications: Buffing up fresh conventional lacquers with polishing pads, buffing up scratch-resistant and weathered lacquers with lambs-wool pads until ready for cleaning, removal of holograms and micro-scratches, as well as intermediate cleaning, sealing with lacquer and carnauba wax and final cleaning.

Tip 1: We have designed our easy-to-use Finiblock sanding block for the removal of dust inclusions. The Finiblock uses daisy discs to ensure a highly precise sanded finish.

Tip 2: Our siachrome polishing system is simple, fast and produces brilliant results. The right polishing paste, matching polishing pads and microfibre cloth will help you achieve the desired results.