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Foam abrasives – quality, environment and certificates

For the sake of quality

Quality assurance has the top priority at our foam abrasives plant. To ensure that a consistently high quality standard is maintained during the entire production process, substantial investments were made in inspection and test equipment. By taking a holistic, responsible and forward-looking approach, we continuously work to develop innovative products and improve our processes. Our aim is to offer customers high-quality products at attractive prices.

For the sake of people and the environment

By taking a holistic and responsible approach, we work continuously to implement forward-looking innovations and process improvements for the benefit of all concerned, especially our employees and the environment. With a view to sustainable production processes, solvent-free binder resins are used in the manufacture of foam abrasives. We are therefore committed to avoiding health and environmental risks, reducing unpleasant odours at the workplace and reducing potentially hazardous or explosive vapours. In addition, we recycle foam wastes almost entirely. Our active efforts and substantial investments in sustainability continue to meet with a very positive response. In recent years our foam abrasives plant in the United Kingdom has received several state awards for innovations in environmental protection.


sia Abrasives is certified to the highest international quality standards and environmental protection guidelines. Talking of safety: our products also contribute to the active protection of our users.