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From material removal to surface treatment and finishing, with or without structuring. System solutions from sia Abrasives produce impressive and exciting results. All metalworking professionals are excited by abrasive applications which are perfectly coordinated, suitable for all forms of abrasive applications on steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other metals. 

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We know our customers' specific requirements and specifically develop custom abrasive systems. sia Abrasives is represented around the world and has the right abrasives.

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Manual/portable machine sanding

For treating surfaces using an angle grinder, a die grinder, power file or orbital sander, or by manual sanding.

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Stationary belt sanding

Abrasive solutions for metal processing using contact belt, stroke belt or wide belt sanding. 

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Providing system solutions is our core activity. This means that our customers can achieve the optimum surface quickly and at low cost.

Exciting and solution-oriented: Abrasive solutions from sia Abrasives.

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