Marine – abrasive solutions for boats and yachts

With our centre of excellence for marine industries, we at sia Abrasives are your experts for the processing of composite fibre materials, which are used whenever exceptional components with outstanding combinations of properties are needed.

The requirements for materials used in the building of ships, boats and yachts are subject to ongoing technological change and know no bounds. Not only do manufacturers of OEM components have to fulfil the highest expectations - the entire industry is constantly facing new challenges.

With our perfectly adapted abrasives for marine industries, we guarantee a perfect surface finish. Composite fibre materials are lighter, firmer, more elastic, more precise, safer and more cost effective, and they are the first choice in modern boat building.

The potential applications of composite fibre materials are very wide-ranging and constantly growing due, among other things, to the energy-saving potential of lightweight materials. The surface finish, and thus the abrasive product used, is a key factor determining functionality. Edges are cut or deburred and surfaces are sanded. This provides an ideal basis with regard to the lines of force, functionality, finishing, coating and the appearance of boats. In addition, composite fibre materials are highly durable and resistant to weathering, rotting and decomposition and so, in this regard, are superior to steel and wood.

The advantages of composite fibre materials are perfectly complemented by a customised sanding process and utilised depending on the required property – flexibility or rigidity. They lie in, amongst other things, highly integrated design options, dynamic resilience, a low coefficient of expansion, a good raw material basis, a low investment requirement and ease of repair.

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