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Applications for all your sanding needs


Our bonded abrasive discs can be used to cut all metals with maximum precision and cutting performance.


Burrs produced by cutting-off, cutting or stamping are removed. Sharp protruding edges are cleanly reworked after the moulding process has been completed.

Removal of paint and rust

Metal impurities, such as oxidised and corroded surfaces as well as paint residues, are cleanly removed. This is a requirement for high-quality results.

Weld preparation

As preparation for welding, the metal on both workpieces is chamfered at an angle of approx. 60° for welding a precision V-shaped seam.

Sanding down

For surface treatment steps such as finishing a weld seam, removal of casting flash or rough grinding to remove material, as much material as possible is removed by grinding.

Removing discolouration

Rainbow coloured discolouration occurs, for example, during welding. This has to be gently removed using nonwoven abrasive products in order to obtain a clean surface with a minimum of stock removal.

Surface treatment

The surface is prepared for structuring and finishing by removing edges and transitions. However, some unevenness is still visible.


The last remaining unevenness is blended in order to reduce surface roughness through surface finishing.

Structuring / finishing

Structuring involves imparting a defined structure to a finished metal. The metal is also polished to produce a high-gloss finish.