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1913 siawat

1913 siawat - the first choice for first-class wet sanding results

As a leading wet use abrasive, the 1913 siawat aluminium oxide series has been producing outstanding results for years thanks to such outstanding properties as high stock removal rates, optimal water resistance, long life and flexibility.

Part Number | EAN Code

3100.3713.0060 | 7611123001503

3100.3713.0080 | 7611123001510

3100.3713.0100 | 7611123001527

3100.3713.0120 | 7611123001534

3100.3713.0150 | 7611123001541

3100.3713.0180 | 7611123001558

3100.3713.0240 | 7611123001572

3100.3713.0280 | 7611123001589

3100.3713.0320 | 7611123001596

3100.3713.0360 | 7611123001602

3100.3713.0400 | 7611123001619

3100.3713.0500 | 7611123001626

3100.3713.0600 | 7611123001633

3100.3713.0800 | 7611123001640

3100.3713.1000 | 7611123001657

3100.3713.1200 | 7611123001664

3100.3713.1500 | 7611123209473

3100.3713.2000 | 7611123209497

3100.3713.2500 | 7611123209510

6393.5834.0060 | 7611123255654

6393.5834.0080 | 7611123255678

6393.5834.0100 | 7611123255692

6393.5834.0120 | 7611123255715

6393.5834.0150 | 7611123255739

6393.5834.0180 | 7611123255753

6393.5834.0220 | 7611123255777

6393.5834.0240 | 7611123255791

6393.5834.0280 | 7611123255814

6393.5834.0320 | 7611123255838

6393.5834.0360 | 7611123255852

6393.5834.0400 | 7611123255876

6393.5834.0500 | 7611123255890

6393.5834.0600 | 7611123255913

sianet – The powerful net-backed abrasive

sianet – The powerful net-backed abrasive

The special net structure of 7900 sianet and 7500 sianet CER enables dust-free working with the highest sanding performance. The ceramic grit in 7500 sianet CER provides the highest removal rate and longest lifetime.

Compared with conventional coated abrasives, sianet is characterised by its high removal rate combined with a long lifetime. Its open net structure allows for full-surface extraction of the sanding dust. This minimises clogging of the abrasive, increases its lifetime and ensures a virtually dust-free environment. A dust-free work environment protects the user’s health and contributes towards work safety.

Automotive brochure: Abrasive systems for the automotive industry

Automotive – Abrasive systems for the automotive industry

Vehicles are surfaces. Functionality meets expression and passion. The sanding of body parts is characterised by a sequence of process steps involving different requirements. The right technology and matching products are combined to form a system that meets these requirements and ensures a perfect finish. This brochure shows you how to achieve a perfect finish!

siasponge brochure: Colour coded and solvent free

siasponge – Colour coded and solvent free

Uniform colour system for greater process reliability: Straightforward, easy-to-understand work and sanding processes are crucial in preventing mistakes during surface treatment and keeping the abrasive process as quick and uncomplicated as possible. To help secure greater safety of application, sia Abrasives has developed a uniform colour coding scheme that is simple, logical and easy to understand without the need for a lot of words. Find out about the new abrasive products of siasponge and how they can be used to produce a perfect surface in this brochure.

1948 siaflex is renowned for its versatility.

1948 siaflex – Flexibility for any application

The flexible paper backing offers outstanding adaptability to contours and is ideal for the treatment of surfaces in hard-to-reach areas.

FiboTec multi-hole

FiboTec multi-hole – An idea borrowed from nature. The innovation by sia Abrasives.

Taking inspiration from nature and the Fibonacci Sequence, sia Abrasives has developed a groundbreaking new hole pattern for its abrasives. The holes in the abrasive disc are arranged on opposing spirals, such as are found on a sunflower. In sanding applications this hole pattern provides superior dust extraction, significantly reduced clogging and longer life of abrasive materials. Compared to standard hole patterns, FiboTec offers up to 50% faster removal rate with less dust residue on the workpiece and in the workspace. The result: higher abrasive performance thanks to maximum dust extraction!

siachrome polishing system – Fast, simple, brilliant

siachrome polishing system – Fast, simple, brilliant

With the siachrome polishing we offer an efficient range of products that can be used to reliably carry out all stages of top coat preparation. This produce removes scratches and holograms from old and new paints. Thanks to the latest generation of abrasive grits, you achieve a perfect finish. Latest developments in pad design significantly reduce polishing times. Polish, pads and cleaning cloths are technically coordinated and colour coded. This brings higher process stability and efficiency.