X-LOCK Just one Click

The new changing system to switch angle grinder accessories with just one Click. The X-LOCK technology allows easy and effortless mounting.

  • Convenient: Tool-free system with no loose parts and no force required
  • Efficient: Quick change of accessories and less reworking
  • Comprehensive: From preparation to the finish for every application

One system, many advantages – work more efficiently with X-LOCK

The X-LOCK system also enables professionals to avoid laborious reworking: Since it does not include a clamping nut, it allows tradespeople to easily perform sanding at flat angles. Damage to the surfaces caused by the clamping nut is a thing of the past. X-LOCK also predefines the mounting direction of the accessories and ensures that directional discs such as cutting or grinding discs are always correctly mounted.

Comprehensive range of accessories for every application

For metalworking, you can fall back on a wide range of cutting, grinding, fibre and flap discs. The sia X-LOCK range also includes fibre and SCM backing pads, enabling sia Abrasives to offer abrasives and accessories for all metalworking process steps.

The X-LOCK range

From preparation to the finish – a quick and easy solution for every application.

Cutting discs

8913 siacut
Quick cutting

Grinding discs

8933 siagrind
Long lifetime

Flap discs

2824 siaflap
Top performance

Fibre discs

4560 siabite
High removal

SCM discs

6270 siamet SCM LS
Ideal performance

6924 siamet scm
Maximum aggressiveness

That's how it works!


  1. Centre the disc
  2. Push until the click
  3. Ready for use


  1. Stop the disc
  2. Operate the lever
  3. Change the disc



Weld preparation

Weld removal

Surface refinement