Maker 5 - the world's most modern abrasives production plant

Our new factory is the most modern plant in the world for manufacturing flexible abrasives. High-tech process control units as well as laser and ultrasound-controlled checking and measuring instruments monitor more than 1,000 parameters, enabling us to manufacture top-of-the-line products while maintaining a consistent level of quality.

Our green plant

The plant was constructed according to strict ecological criteria. Optimised air conduction processes and heat recovery systems reduce heat consumption considerably. All harmful substances are destroyed in an exhaust air treatment plant.

Fit for the future

With Maker 5, we are able to produce an additional 40 million square metres of abrasives a year in Frauenfeld. With a manufacturing width of one metre, this is equivalent to the distance of travelling once around the globe. It enables us to meet constantly increasing demand for our abrasives and provide the basis for continued growth. In Maker 5 we also use new machines capable of producing sanding belt rolls up to two metres in width. These extra-wide sanding belts have opened up new market segments and created additional sales opportunities, for example in the panels industry. The Maker 5 will continue to be technically optimised. The system is engineered in such a way that we can convert and extend it at any time to keep pace with the growing requirements of markets and our customers.

The world's most modern factory at a glance

The impressive size and complexity of Maker 5 really become apparent when you take a virtual tour through the heart of our abrasives production facility. Numerous finely co-ordinated components make possible a modularised "just in time" manufacturing process, which will make possible the next generation of modern abrasives.