Our solutions for every abrasive format

sia Abrasives is one of the world's leading suppliers of abrasives. We have over 140 years of expertise, unrivalled innovativeness and one of the most comprehensive ranges of products, including solutions for all materials, a wide range of applications and abrasives in all shapes and forms. We are your abrasives specialists. We have industrial expertise. We are familiar with the process steps of our customers from industry and craft trades. We supply a wide range of abrasive formats, and our solutions are always tailored to your specific requirements. Finished by sia Abrasives with the aim: Our solutions for perfect surfaces.
The sheer diversity of sanding applications is as wide as the range of possible abrasive formats. Our product range is, therefore, equally as comprehensive. The demands on surfaces and the associated sanding steps are very different. Whether grinding, fine sanding, structuring, polishing or micro-finishing – choosing the right abrasive format is key.

We have a complete range of compatible abrasives for any machine or portable application.

Foam abrasives
Delta, polygons
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