4570 siabite X - The fibre disc for the coolest grinding with new and unique X-Technology

The newly developed X-technology from sia Abrasives uses a special procedure to coat the abrasive with a cooling agent. The active cooling agent reduces the heat that is produced when sanding and therefore extends the lifetime of the disc. The new development is being used for the first time in the 4570 siabite X fibre sanding disc.

Thanks to a new innovative production procedure from sia Abrasives, the new fibre disc 4570 siabite X series impresses with a cooler cut, a longer lifetime and a more even cutting performance. When using conventional abrasives with two size coats, the cooling agent is mixed into the size coat, which limits the efficiency of the chemicals. With X-technology, the cooling agent is applied directly to the grain, which increases the cooling effect and minimises discolouration. The specially selected abrasive grit with a crystalline structure also provides a fine surface finish without having to forgo aggressive cutting performance.

The X in the product name stands for the newly developed X-technology. Thanks to this, the lifetime of the 4570 siabite X sanding discs is up to 80 per cent longer than comparable products when processing structural steel and stainless steel. The new development makes it easier to process non-alloy, low-alloy and high-alloy steels and all other hard to grind metals or aluminium.

The abrasive is available in grits 36, 60, 80 and 120. The 4570 siabite X belongs to the new generation of powerful fibre discs in sia Abrasives' range of abrasives.

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