sia House – uncomplicated, simple and quick

3 Visible concrete with a perfect surface finish


Preparatory steps

  • Cover the floor and surroundings
  • Sand down any concrete seams until flush, using grinding discs or a diamond milling disc

Sanding off

  • Key the surface to remove any traces of parting agents

Machine sanding


7900 sianet – Discs

1707 siapar – Discs


Extra fine

  • For an extra fine surface, sand with fleece

Fine sanding


6120 siafleece – Discs


Impregnation (optional)

  • The concrete can also be impregnated to protect against stains (e.g. coffee or grease)

Visible concrete with a perfect surface finish

Expert tip

If you plan to paint the surface, the concrete surface must be keyed to enable better adhesion. Alternatively, pretreat the surface with an etch primer.