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6 Steel frames and lift doors with a perfect surface finish


Preparatory steps

  • Cover the surrounding area
  • On new metal, remove the film and use thinners to remove the oil film

Sanding off

  • Sand off any rusted parts
  • Fill any dips and dents and sand until flush
  • Key the complete door surface


  • First, apply primer to parts that a roller cannot reach
  • Then use a roller  over the whole surface

Intermediate sanding

  • Observe the drying time
  • Intermediate sanding of the whole surface

Second coat

  • First paint the less easily accessible parts with a paintbrush
  • Then apply paint over the whole surface  using a roller

Door frames with a perfect surface finish

Expert tip

Use a siasponge Combination Block for rapid pre-sanding.

7990 siasponge