Removing machine marks

2511 siabite

siafix ceramic disc

Grit range: 36 - 120


siafix backing pad


Final sanding

6924 siamet HD

SCM disc, siafix

Grit range: coarse/medium


siafix backing pad

Reduce abrasive consumption by up to 50%

and improve your sanding process

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Considerably shorter sanding process thanks to a perfect combination of abrasive products

Primary competitor                                        sia Abrasives 2-step solution

Up to 20% faster sanding process

In the first step, the fully ceramic grain provides a quick cut combined with a consistent finish. This avoids re-work in the following step. In the second step, the high performance SCM disc can achieve a performance level up to 300% higher than competitor products.


Grey: Sanding step 1
Yellow: Sanding step 2


Removal of machine marks from metal

Maximum efficiency

We offer the perfect abrasive solution

Let us help you improve your sanding process!

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