Abrasives comparison

MRO test procedure

40% time saving thanks to an efficient working process

Comparison between conventional 5-hole abrasive and 1950 siaspeed 81-hole/S Performance

Working time


Conventional 5-hole abrasive

Up to 40% faster
work process

Consumption abrasive discs


Conventional 5-hole abrasive

Up to 4 ×
longer lifetime

Just 5 discs instead of 19 discs

Sanding process costs


Conventional 5-hole abrasive

Up to 25%
reduction in sanding process costs

Light grey: Product cost (Abrasives)
Grey: Labour costs (working hours)



Benchmark test under the following conditions:
Abrasive: Disc Ø 150 mm, competitor 6-hole – sia multi-hole, grit: 180, subject: Aircraft turbine (external housing)
Material: 1 × green primer coat, 1 × base coat, 1 × colour lacquer system, machine: Random orbital sander, 150 mm, 8 mm stroke,
Backing pad: Hard model, hook and loop, 54-hole, without direct machine dust extraction

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