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sianet – The powerful net-backed abrasive

sianet – The powerful net-backed abrasive

The special net structure of 7900 sianet and 7500 sianet CER enables dust-free working with the highest sanding performance. The ceramic grit in 7500 sianet CER provides the highest removal rate and longest lifetime.

Compared with conventional coated abrasives, sianet is characterised by its high removal rate combined with a long lifetime. Its open net structure allows for full-surface extraction of the sanding dust. This minimises clogging of the abrasive, increases its lifetime and ensures a virtually dust-free environment. A dust-free work environment protects the user’s health and contributes towards work safety.

1919 siawood+ – A classic abrasive reinvented!

1919 siawood+

The latest generation of the classic 1919 siawood once again sets new standards in stationary wood sanding. Produced from the highest-quality raw materials in one of the world’s most state-of-the-art abrasives manufacturing plants, 1919 siawood+ meets the highest demands of the woodworking industry and the professional trades. Its maximum process stability is the result of a consistently high removal rate and perfect Swiss surface quality over the entire lifetime of the abrasive.

1909 siawood – The all-round talent

1909 siawood – The cost-effective allrounder for all types of wood

1909 siawood is the ideal abrasive for sanding all types of wood – designed especially for the universal requirements found in the joinery and carpentry industries. Its semi-open coating makes 1909 siawood perfect for frequently changing materials, and therefore ideal for softwoods and hardwoods. Thanks to the proven TopTec technology, it is a winning combination of ultimate Swiss surface quality with simultaneously minimum clogging and a long lifetime. The flexible and adaptable e-wt paper backing makes this product particularly suitable for use with sanding pads on stationary systems.

1950 siaspeed finest grit – Film-backed belts for a perfect high gloss finish

1950 siaspeed finest grit – Film-backed belts for a perfect high gloss finish

High-gloss varnishes require exceptional expertise in lacquering, sanding and polishing. With the 1950 siaspeed film-backed microabrasive, sia Abrasives offers a premium product for perfect polish sanding and therefore demonstrates exceptional production expertise.