Motors and drives – finishing solutions for reproducible surfaces

sia Abrasives offers a comprehensive range of products for sanding applications, e.g. on camshafts and crankshafts, steering assembly parts, shock absorber parts, valves, hydraulic and pneumatic components, ball bearings etc.

Reproducible surfaces permit defined tolerances. This is essential for the production of precision components in the machine and vehicle manufacturing industries. Finishing is the key to the production of consistent and reproducible technical surfaces. The co-ordinated products from sia Abrasives deliver the consistent quality needed to achieve high cost efficiency in the production process.

What is achieved by the finishing process: – Defined surface roughness
– Higher contact ratio thanks to cross-cut

– Camshafts
– Crankshafts
– Steering assembly parts
– Shock absorber parts
– Valves
– Hydraulic components – pneumatic components – ball bearings

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