Safety Charter

We show our willingness to commit to the safety of our employees!

Sia Abrasives has been a member of the SUVA Safety Charter since 2024.

The aim of the Safety Charter is to improve safety in the workplace. It was launched by Suva in collaboration with employers' associations, planners and trade unions. STOP in case of danger, eliminate the danger, continue working: Anyone who signs the charter is committed to ensuring that safety rules are observed in the workplace. Work must not be life-threatening.

As signatories to this safety charter, we are committed to ensuring that vital rules are observed in the workplace.

With this promise, we are setting a valuable example.

The following applies in our company:

1. Towards everyone, anyone and everyone: We declare the vital rules relevant to our business as binding or define our own safety rules.

2. Towards ourselves: We stay on the ball and train our employees. We explain the safety rules to them not just once, but at regular intervals. Preferably directly at the workplace.

3. To our business partners and associates: We inform everyone about our Safety Charter membership. In particular, we inform them that we and our employees consistently follow the safety rules.

4. Towards our customers: Everyone knows that the safety rules are enforced in our company - even and especially when things get hectic.

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