siaramic - fibre discs

Save your time -
With the smoothest cut, lightning quick to the finish

Conventional, crushed ceramic grain

Conventional (crushed) grain is irregular and blocky in shape which results in a "ploughing" action and generates unwanted heat when grinding.

siaramic technology, shaped ceramic grain

The optimal triangular shape of the siaramic technology grain enables a clean cutting action, delivering fast stock removal and a cooler grinding temperature, which increases the disc lifetime – all of this offers an optimal grinding experience.

siaramic – Absolutely fast
The ceramic fibre disc for maximum performance

Fastest stock removal
The optimal triangular shape of the siaramic grain allows the disc to cleanly cut through metal, delivering a faster stock removal

Maximum lifetime
The shaped ceramic grain guarantees an optimal lifetime – even on the toughest jobs

Consistent cut
The special structure of the shaped grain gives a perfect self-sharpening effect which leads to a consistent grinding result

Cooling top coat
Thanks to the cooling top coat, the 4582 siaramic discs (#36+ to #120+) are suitable for work on stainless steel

High-performance packaging

  • Storage at ideal environmental conditions
  • Guarantees optimum fibre disc performance levels
  • Prevents concave curvature of the fibre discs

Effortlessly attach the fibre discs

  • The convex curve of the fibre discs enables them to be attached to the backing pad
  • No protruding fibre disc edges

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