Furniture Production – With deep roots in wood sanding

At sia Abrasives, we are experienced experts when it comes to wood sanding. Our roots lie in the manufacturing of abrasives for solid wood and wood-based materials.

We have an impressive and extensive product range for surface treatment of solid wood, wood-based and solid surface materials and paints. The various abrasive formats – from discs to wide belt and cross belts – exceed all expectations with respect to mechanical load, surface quality and service life.

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For all forms of wood and sanding applications

Advanced surface treatment of side panels, covers, fronts and shelves in the furniture industry calls for expertise, the right technology and a system of abrasives that is perfectly coordinated.

Panel industry

Our expertise covers the needs of industrial manufacturers of wood-based, plywood, solid wood and mineral panels.

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Furniture production

Abrasive solutions for producing custom-made furniture. For the surface treatment of solid wood, wood-based and solid surface materials, paints and lacquers.

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We are passionate about abrasives

A portrait of our passion for abrasive solutions:

People and machines working as a team:  Experienced workers who can interpret the sanding pattern correctly and therefore programme the machine precisely so that the workpiece impresses to the fullest extent.

Exciting and solution-oriented: Abrasive solutions from sia Abrasives!

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