Building Interior – abrasive solutions for painters, plasterers, carpenters, floor layers and timber constructors

New materials generate new needs. We provide tailored solutions –  so that abrasive work can be carried out in a fast and clean manner but also in an enjoyable manner. We see ourselves as a partner for painters, carpenters, plasterers, drywall builders and floor layers. For us, the challenge lies in recognising the material, understanding its properties and then fine-tuning the abrasive accordingly.

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Simple abrasive processes for perfect surface finishes

sia Abrasives' perfectly co-ordinated abrasives for renovation, expansion and modernisation in the entire interior work sector.

1  Windows

Sanding and renovating windows in few work steps.

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2  Parquet flooring

Sanding and re-laying parquet flooring with a system.

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3  Visible concrete

Keying/sanding off concrete with large abrasive force.

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4  Wooden surfaces

Sanding off paints and lacquers on wood quickly.

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5  Solid surface materials

Sanding out unevenness, such as scratches or stains in Corian™.

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6  Steel frames and lift doors

Quick and easy sanding of steel lift doors and door frames.

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7  Stairs and handrails

Refreshing stairs and handrails in a straightforward manner.

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8  Plasterboard

Smoothing and sanding lightweight walls.

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9  Plasterboard

Practical keying or sanding off plasterboards, such as Fermacell ™.

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10 Visible beams

Refreshing visible beams in half-timbered buildings and roof structures.

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11 Radiators

Removing old paint and lacquers from radiators in a straightforward manner.

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12 Entrance doors

Sanding off and renovating front doors.

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13 Façades and fronts

Removing old glaze on wooden façades, panel fronts and garage doors.

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14 Garden furniture and fences

Refreshing all types of wood in garden furniture and fences.

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15 Renovating decking

Sand off wooden decking and pool edging, oil again and add a fresh varnish.

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