1918 sialac

Wide belts (width: from 400 mm)

The lacquer sanding professional with optimum removal rate and long lifetime

Branches of Industry

Abrasive format

SelectionWidth mmLength mmHole patternColorOrder no.

1350mm2620mmwithout holesviolet1580.3190.0240 / F 03E 007 136

1350mm2620mmwithout holesviolet1580.3190.0280 / F 03E 007 137

1350mm2620mmwithout holesviolet1580.3190.0320 / F 03E 007 138

1350mm2620mmwithout holesviolet1580.3190.0400 / F 03E 007 139

1350mm2620mmwithout holesviolet1580.3190.0500 / F 03E 007 13A

1350mm2620mmwithout holesviolet1580.3190.0600 / F 03E 007 13B

1350mm3250mmwithout holesviolet5235.9646.0400 / F 03E 007 13H

Length mm2620mm
Width mm1350mm
1580.3190.0240 / F 03E 007 136

Length mm2620mm
Width mm1350mm
1580.3190.0280 / F 03E 007 137

Length mm2620mm
Width mm1350mm
1580.3190.0320 / F 03E 007 138

Length mm2620mm
Width mm1350mm
1580.3190.0400 / F 03E 007 139

Length mm2620mm
Width mm1350mm
1580.3190.0500 / F 03E 007 13A

Length mm2620mm
Width mm1350mm
1580.3190.0600 / F 03E 007 13B

Length mm3250mm
Width mm1350mm
5235.9646.0400 / F 03E 007 13H

The lacquer sanding professional with optimum removal rate and long lifetime

The lacquer sanding belt for high material removal rate and long lifetime. Unlike most other lacquer sanding belts, 1918 sialac has aluminium oxide grains to ensure that especially high removal rates are achieved. Thanks to the stearate coating, the lifetime of the belt is noticeably increased.



  • Perfect surfaces thanks to TopTec
  • Low clogging thanks to open coating
  • High performance for stock removal with good finish
  • Keying and matting of primers and melamine sheets
  • Intermediate sanding of varnishes
  • Fine sanding before lacquering
  • PU lacquer
  • Melamine sheet
  • Polyester lacquer
  • UV lacquer
  • Solid surface material
  • Solid wood
lowvery high
shortvery long
mediumvery good

Grit type:
Aluminium oxide

e-wt paper

Electrostatic open

Resin over resin

Special coating: