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Nonwoven abrasives – production of Surface Conditioning Materials (scm)


The production process begins with the basic fibres. They are carded, layered and needle-punched to form a nonwoven fabric. In a second step, the backing is sprayed with a blend of bonding agents and grit which penetrates into the fabric.

Our scm abrasives are manufactured in a 2-stage process. Stage 1 is production of the backing. In stage 2 the backing is coated with abrasive grit and spray-on binder.

Stage 1 of the production process:

  • Step 1: opening/mixing of fibres
  • Step 2: carding
  • Step 3: crosslapping
  • Step 4: needle-punching
  • Step 5: rolling up

Stage 2 of the production process:

  • Step 1: impregnation
  • Step 2: grit coating
  • Step 3: spraying
  • Step 4: curing
  • Step 5: rolling up