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Bonded abrasives – production


Our resin-bonded abrasive cutting and grinding discs are produced in special machines by mixing a blend of abrasive minerals, fillers, powder resin and liquid resin and pressing this into cutting discs of different thickness and diameter. In order to withstand the enormous centrifugal forces to which the discs are subjected, glass fibre fabric is embedded into the actual abrasive.

The process of manufacturing a bonded abrasive disc involves three steps:

Step 1: treatment of the abrasive disc mixture

The abrasive grits soaked with phenolic liquid resin are mixed with a powder resin, filler and auxiliary materials to produce a pourable mix.

Step 2: shaping of the mixture to produce blanks

The mould is now filled alternately with screened mixture and fibre mesh. Both components are compacted together by a hydraulic press.

Step 3: baking/curing of the blanks in the curing kiln

Finally, the finished "green compacts" from step 2 are clamped between steel plates and cured in a chamber kiln at 200°C.