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Rollers and cylinders – finishing solutions for consistent and reproducible surface finish

In the production of rollers, a perfect surface is a major factor when it comes to achieving concentricity, roundness, cylindricity and surface quality. To obtain consistent and reproducible technical surfaces, sia Abrasives can supply state-of-the-art products which deliver constant quality. This range of co-ordinated products makes for high cost efficiency in the roller finishing process.

What is achieved by the finishing process:

  • Defined surface roughness
  • Maximum durability
  • Cross sanded or high gloss polished


  • Copper rollers
  • Chrome/hard chrome rollers
  • Zinc rollers
  • Hardened steel rollers
  • Coated rollers (plasma ceramic/tungsten carbides)
  • Rubber and plastic rollers
  • Teflon rollers