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Nonwoven abrasives – products

Nonwoven abrasives

Nonwoven products are saturated with abrasive grits. This means that the three dimensional nonwoven abrasive can be used on both sides and never loses maximum abrasive performance.

Nonwoven abrasives have a very high mineral content. As a result, our products have exactly the flexibility and conformability needed to produce an even surface finish on any workpiece. Nonwoven abrasives are, therefore, ideal for applications that involve low cutting speed as well as low contact pressure.

Thanks to their even, controlled cutting action, our products are perfect for achieving a high-quality micro-scratch surface finish on metal, plastics, coatings and composite materials. Here, the main applications are the refining and finishing of numerous materials. All products are available in different grades, grit sizes and grit ranges.

Surface Conditioning Materials (scm)

Our Surface Conditioning Materials are designed for machine operation and are available in disc or belt format.

  • For the removal of surface defects
  • For achieving the required finish in a single operation
  • For the treatment of clean, smooth and burr-free surfaces
  • For refining grind lines in fewer steps than with coated abrasives
  • For a unique combination of aggressivity, finish and vitality
  • For an even, repeatable finish
  • For the replacement of conventional products, such as coated abrasives and wire brushes

In the case of 2-dimensional scm products, the nonwoven fibre is needle-punched onto a polyester mesh backing. scm abrasives are backed with our siafast technology and used in combination with a sanding pad.