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Foam abrasives – production

Sanding blocks and abrasive sponges consist of three components: foam, usually made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), PU (polyurethane) or recycled PU waste, binder resin and abrasive grit made of aluminium oxide or white aluminium oxide.

Foam production

Thanks to our in-house foam production facility, we have full quality control and can adapt both the density and hardness of materials perfectly to the needs of the market and our customers. The result: outstanding finish in manual sanding on wood, paints and varnishes. In addition, we recycle PU waste (Chip Foam) and process it into good quality sanding blocks.


The foam blocks are cut into panels. The thickness of these panels can be set on fully automatic machines. The panels are subsequently cut into strips. The foam is now ready for coating with grit. We produce a wide range of standard products in various formats and sizes. On request, we also manufacture foam abrasives to exact customer specifications.

The coating process

Following application of the adhesive, the abrasive grit is gravity fed and scattered onto two adjacent sides of the block or one side of a pad. The process guarantees a perfect grit coating even on the edges of the product. This special binder coating ensures flexible fixing of the abrasive grits. All our products are meticulously monitored before they leave the factory.