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4570 siabite X

4570 siabite X

The fibre disc for the coolest grinding with new X-Technology.

Thanks to innovative X-Technology, the 4570 siabite fibre disc brings you considerably cooler grinding with a long service life and a consistent cutting performance on stainless steel and mild steel. With new and unique X-Technology, an active cooling aid is applied directly to the top level, which enhances cooling and minimises discolouration.



sia Abrasives UK Awarded Prestigious Customer First Accreditation

sia Abrasives UK is delighted to announce that following an external independent assessment it has been awarded the prestigious Customer First standard and accreditation!

Customer First is an external award organised by Customer First UK whose aim is to improve the quality, efficiency and consistency in service delivery to businesses.

sia Abrasives UK has dedicated itself to achieving and delivering ‘Customer Service Excellence’ in recent years and the Customer First standard is an independent assessment that formally recognises the hard work and commitment of the company and ensures that its customers receive ‘best in class’ Customer Service and support within the UK abrasives industry.

Ray Bardsley, General Manager of sia Abrasives UK, comments;

“More and more customers are making their buying decisions based on the quality of customer service they receive from suppliers and their expectations are becoming increasingly more demanding. Being awarded the Customer First standard enables us to differentiate ourselves from the more old fashioned, traditional suppliers of abrasive products where service is not the first priority.”

As a company, sia Abrasives UK has benefited from the assessment process by involving every single person in the business. They were able to work together in preparing the final document for external assessment and as a result are now even more committed as a team to continuously improving performance and levels of customer satisfaction.

sia Abrasives UK
Ellistones Lane
West Yorkshire