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The sia surface system

Customer service and support for composite materials

Customer service and support

We provide plastic composites solutions for professional users in construction or in maintenance, in the trades or in industry. You benefit from the expert advice and hands-on knowledge that our highly experienced applications engineers and sanding experts bring directly to your workplace. This way, we ensure from the outset that you have the ideal sia product to hand for any specific sanding application.

Composites surface analyses

Surface analysis

No two surfaces are the same. We analyse your surface quality requirements as a whole, taking into account your processing steps both upstream and downstream of the abrasive process. We optimise your working process to maximise productivity and efficiency and, if necessary, look for alternative treatment methods.

Treatment process optimisation for composite materials

Process optimisation

We help you select the optimal abrasives and tools, give you application recommendations and discuss with you the individual application steps in order to ensure maximum process stability and reproducible results.

Abrasives, tools and accessories

Abrasives, tools and accessories

Our high-performance abrasives and polishing products are designed to ensure a perfect finish in all specific sanding applications from coarse sanding; fine sanding to micro-finishing for primers, primer fillers, glass fibre reinforced plastics, gelcoat, top coat, antifouling and lacquers. Our matching tools and accessories range: sia polishing system, backing pads for random orbit sanders, angle grinders and polishing pads, abrasive spiral band holders, mandrels, manual sanding tools, guide control black powder, and much more besides.

Composites training and documentation

Training and documentation

At our Communication Centre in Frauenfeld, we hold courses and workshops for end users, retailers and specialist teachers as a forum for transferring know-how and sharing experience. We provide a wide range of documentation including comprehensive product information and detailed application recommendations. This gives you the means to ensure that you work with our products in a safe manner while guaranteeing that you end up with a perfect finish.