1902 siacraft

standard sheet

for diverse manual sanding applications on wood

Branches of Industry

Abrasive format

SelectionWidth mmLength mmHole patternColorOrder no.

230mm280mmwithout holesmaroon-brown2849.9871.0080 / F 03E 007 1B7

230mm280mmwithout holesmaroon-brown2849.9871.0120 / F 03E 007 1BC

230mm280mmwithout holesmaroon-brown2849.9871.0180 / F 03E 007 1C0

230mm280mmwithout holesmaroon-brown2849.9871.0240 / F 03E 007 1BG

Length mm280mm
Width mm230mm
2849.9871.0080 / F 03E 007 1B7

Length mm280mm
Width mm230mm
2849.9871.0120 / F 03E 007 1BC

Length mm280mm
Width mm230mm
2849.9871.0180 / F 03E 007 1C0

Length mm280mm
Width mm230mm
2849.9871.0240 / F 03E 007 1BG

for diverse manual sanding applications on wood

Ideal for fast sanding on wood or for interior work with a good price/performance ratio.


  • Economical allround product for wood sanding
  • Can be folded and cut to any desired format
  • Ideal for manual sanding
  • Sanding off rusted parts
  • Sanding off old varnish, paints and stains
  • Sanding off old paint and varnish
  • Sanding off raised wooden fibres
  • Sanding floorboards
  • Sanding wooden terraces and pool surrounds
  • Sanding off brittle or poorly adhesive paints
  • Keying or sanding surfaces
  • Keying smoothed surfaces
  • Keying surfaces for better paint adhesion
  • Fine sanding of surfaces
  • Flatting uneven areas
  • Flatting lightweight construction walls
  • Structuring wooden beams
  • Wooden base
  • Old lacquer
  • Solid wood
lowvery high
shortvery long
mediumvery good
very rigidhighly flexible

Grit type:
Aluminium oxide

c-wt paper


Hide glue

Special coating: