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2546 siabite - The high-performance disc with ceramic grit

2546 siabite - The high-performance disc with ceramic grit

grind metals, 2546 siabite consistently delivers maximum performance in applications from deburring to final sanding – thanks to features such as its high adaptability to contours, curves and profiles.

siafix - The quick change discs from sia Abrasives

siafix - The quick change discs from sia Abrasives

siafix products offer a practical quick change system. They range from grinding applications on high-alloy metal through to composites and from material removal to surface finishing. Ideal for use in hard to reach areas.

4561 siabite –
Gets the job done faster.

The fibre backed abrasive disc is highly aggressive and makes for rapid work progress. It is designed especially for applications on unalloyed and low-alloyed steel.

siasphere – Demanding processes call for innovative products

siasphere is an innovative, structured, high-tech abrasive. The innovation is due to the abrasive structure, and differs greatly from conventional systems as well as from agglomerates. With conventional systems, the roughness of the surface is reduced with increased use and wear. siasphere reduces this effect to a minimum, which results in consistent results over the lifetime of the product. Thanks to the special surface structure of the abrasive, a defined contact point is created between the workpiece and the abrasive, which is reflected in the exceptional performance and consistent quality.

2891 sianox – Quick, strong and long-lasting: the flap disc for high-alloy steel

This flap disc impresses with an optimised abrasive backing and a very powerful zirconia alumina. Together with a more efficient cooling effect, 2891 sianox is a specialist for high-alloy steel.

2511 siabite – The performance specialist for power files

These sanding belts have been specially designed for applications on a power file. Efficient sanding of high-alloy steel and other metals with hard to grind surfaces is guaranteed thanks to the self-sharpening effect of the ceramic grit.